11 Awesome Educational Subscription Boxes for Kids and Teens

Subscription boxes can be a fun and convenient way to provide kids and teens with a regular supply of educational materials. Here are 11 options to consider: Overall, these subscription boxes offer a range of educational options for kids and teens. Just be sure to consider your child’s interests and age when selecting a boxContinue reading “11 Awesome Educational Subscription Boxes for Kids and Teens”

Getting Started Homeschooling

If you’re thinking of getting started homeschooling, or you’ve already made the decision and you’re about to get started, you might be wondering what your first steps should be. I’m glad you asked! Here are some resources to help you get started! 1. HSLDA 2. Homeschool Resource Spreadsheet Homeschooling can seem overwhelming when you thinkContinue reading “Getting Started Homeschooling”