Here are answers to some of the questions you might have about my classes, services, and events. If you have any other questions, please email me at jessica@mindfullmentor.com!

1. Where are in person classes located?

In person classes are located in South Greensboro, North Carolina. The exact address will be sent to you when you sign up for one of my in person classes. The map below shows you where we are located so you can see where it is in relation to where you live.

2. How much do your classes cost?

All of my classes are $40 per month. We meet 4 times per month (once a week) in each class. If you refer new students to also join my classes, I offer $10 off of your class tuition for each student you refer. So for example, if you refer 3 students, you will save $30 on your tuition.

3. What grade levels are classes available for?

My math classes are available for students in grades 3-8. Because different students are at their own individual levels regardless of age, anyone can sign up for any class. So if you have a student that is ahead of their “grade level”, the can sign up for a higher level class. Or if you have a student that could use some extra practice in a topic that is below the “grade level” they would technically be at, they are welcome to join us in a class that is technically a “lower grade level” than they would be at.

4. Do you offer online classes for students that don’t live close by or are in a different city/state?

Yes! If you are not in the Triad area of North Carolina, or you are but you would rather not drive down to south Greensboro, I offer online math classes as well! They are the same classes and same lessons as the in person math classes, but we meet over Zoom. They also meet once a week for 4 weeks an have a max of 10 students.

5. How are the math classes structured?

All of my math classes (both in person and online) are structured so that we do a new unit each month, and each new unit is a new class you can sign up for. I do it this way so that if there is a month where we’re working on a topic that your student has already mastered, you can choose not to sign up for that month and then join back in on a month when we’re learning a topic your student hasn’t covered yet. I know that so many different families use different curriculums, methods, and styles for homeschooling, so I feel having classes based on different units is the best way to accommodate for the most students in the best way.

Classes also are not based solely on grade level, because students of different ages can be at different levels based on their individual needs. So for each month, I have a level 1 class and a level 2 class. For the elementary classes, level 1 is typically about a 3rd/4th grade level and the level 2 class is typically about a 4th/5th grade level. For the middle school classes, level 1 is typically about a 6th/7th grade level, and level 2 is typically about a 7th/8th grade level. Anyone is allowed to sign up for any class or level they would like to, regardless of their age or what grade level they would technically be at.

6. What are your class sizes?

The maximum number of students in a class is 10. I like to keep classes small so each student can get the attention they need and get their questions answered, I can make sure no student is falling behind, and we still have enough students in the class to allow for fun hands on activities, games, and collaboration.

7. Do you follow a specific curriculum for your math classes?

Because there are so many different curriculums out there and many different families using different ones, I do not follow one specific homeschool curriculum. This way students using any curriculum are still able to take my classes. I create my own lessons because I like to use a mixture of resources from different places and put them together in the way that I feel will work best for my students.

8. Are there any required materials for class?

Your student will just need to bring something to write with and something to write on, and I usually ask that students bring a device with them that can access the internet (tablet, phone, laptop) because we often play interactive games in class that require internet access. There are no required textbooks or other materials that students will need for class.

9. Do you assign homework and give assessments throughout class?

For all of my classes, I use Google Classroom as a way to communicate with parents and students, and that is also where I post any announcements or extra work. I do not assign mandatory homework for students, but every week after class I post an optional homework assignment that students can choose to do during the week to practice what we learned in class. I also post the IXL sections that correspond to what we learned for families that use IXL as a supplement to their curriculum. I do this, again, because every family has a different homeschooling style, so I give the option of doing extra work outside of class for any who want it, but if you have your own work you do outside of class, that is fine too. I also don’t do any assessments (tests or quizzes) because after seeing how much they stressed students out when I taught public school, I don’t want to do that to my students in my homeschool classes. Formal tests often aren’t a good indicator of what students really know. If you are looking for a way to assess what your student knows, IXL does a great job of showing you the progress your student is making and gives you a report of what topics they have mastered and which ones they need more help on.

10. What are your qualifications to teach these classes?

I have a bachelors in Math and a Masters in Education from University of California, San Diego, and 10 years of experience teaching math in a public school classroom. I LOVE math and always have, and I really love teaching it and explaining it to people in a way that they may have never thought of before that shows them that math really is interesting and fun and doesn’t have to be scary and hard like most people think.

If you have any other questions for me, please email me at jessica@mindfullmentor.com and I will get them all answered for you!