TikTok Ads

Do you have a homeschool product, resource, or business that you’d like to share with homeschool families?

Send me a sample of what you have to offer and I will make a TikTok advertising your homeschool product or business!

With a TikTok audience of over 23,000 followers and growing, I can share my review of your product or business with homeschool families all over the world! The TikTok community is a really great place to get the word out, and I’d love to help you!

I will create a TikTok video advertising your product or business. If you have a physical product, you will send me a sample that I can use in my video to demonstrate what it does and how awesome it is! If it is a digital product, you will send me a copy of it that I will display either through screen recording on my phone or recording myself using it on the computer. If you’d like me to review your online business, you can give me access to your products and services and I can demonstrate and review those. You will also be included in my Homeschool Resources TikTok Playlist for people to find your ad easily. We can discuss what kind of video/ad you’d like and make sure to come up with something you are happy with!

PRICE: $10 per TikTok
(This price is available for a limited time. Price will increase as followers increase).

I can’t wait to hear all about your awesome homeschool resources and products and share them with homeschool families everywhere! I look forward to hearing from you!

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I’m a former math teacher whose mission is to teach math in a mindful way that helps kids engage and have fun!

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