IXL Subscription (7 Day Free Trial)

IXL is an awesome program that gives students personalized practice, and gives parents detailed feedback on exactly what their student knows and what they need to practice!

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If you’re looking for an awesome program that your student can use to practice the math skills that they need some extra help on, IXL is the perfect program! It tracks their progress, gives immediate feedback while they work, and has in depth explanations and video hints when students are stuck. They also have a very in depth and useful diagnostic assessment students can use to determine what skills they’ve mastered and where their gaps may be, and then IXL assigns recommended practice problems in the areas they need more work on. It’s personalized to your student, and gives you a very clear picture of their progress and mastery! Sign up for a 7 day free trial to check it out (only available in the US). Available for grades Pre-K through 12.


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