List Your Product in My Spreadsheet

Do you have a homeschool product, resource, or business that you’d like to share with homeschool families?

List your product or service in my Homeschool Resource Spreadsheet for homeschool families everywhere to see!

I created a Homeschool Resource Spreadsheet full of tons of resources organized by category that families go to when they’re looking for resources to help them in their homeschool journey. I will post your resource, product, business, or service in that spreadsheet for a low monthly price, for as long as you would like it to be up there for families to see and drive traffic to your business.

You can specify what categories you’d like to have your listing included in so parents can find your product or services easier.

PRICE: $10 per Month
(You can specify a set number of months you’d like to have your product listed for, or renew your listing each month)

I can’t wait to hear all about your awesome homeschool resources and products and share them with homeschool families everywhere! I look forward to hearing from you!