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I love to help people! That’s why I started The Mindfull Mentor, to help as many homeschool families as I can.

But I also love to help people in any way I can find! Which is why I wanted to include a section of my website dedicated to different ways to help people everywhere, not just homeschool families!

So if you’re interested in giving back to those in need, check out some of the options I have listed below! And if you know of any other opportunities for giving back that you are interested in having listed here, please email me at and I will check them out!

One Simple Wish is an organization that allows people to donate money towards making the wish of a child in foster care come true. These children have made lists of simple requests that they would love to have, and you can either choose to pay for one of those items for a specific child, or donate money towards buying some of the items that have been requested

If you are interested in donating and helping to make a child’s wish come true, click the link below to go to their website and learn more! is an AWESOME website where you can earn free rice for people in need around the world, all while playing trivia games on tons of different topics!

Just choose the topic you want to focus on (for example, vocabulary, math, languages, art & culture, history, and tons more!) and for every question you answer correctly, you raise 10 grains of free rice for the World Food Programme!

Since 2010, Freerice has raised more than 214 Billion grains of rice for people in need, and what’s awesome is that you can learn a ton of interesting stuff while you do it! That’s a win-win!

If you’d like to join my group and compete again others to see who can donate the most rice, click the link below and in the “Join Existing Group” section, enter the code HBV2GZQU. Then choose your topic and start playing the game and earning rice!

In Case No One Told You is a project that I started during the pandemic as a way to spread love and joy to others at a time when we’ve been required to keep our distance. These past few years have been a time of such isolation, and I wanted to come up with a way to spread loving messages to people from a distance.

So I created In Case No One Told You cards that have different loving messages on them (for example, “In case no one told you… you are enough”). You can print out as many copies of them as you’d like and pass them out to people you see throughout your day, or leave them in random places for people to find as they go about their days!

These messages are sure to brighten someone’s day and put a smile on their face. I have placed them in stores around my area and in neighbors’ mailboxes, and I’m always looking for more places to leave them. It’s also my goal to have as many people spread these messages around in as many cities, states, and countries as possible so we can eventually spread the love around the world!

We could all use some joy and love in our lives these days, and if you want to help spread it, click the link below to download your cards today and start passing them out!

What other organizations or projects do you know of that I can add to this list to help make a difference in others’ lives? Let me know at!

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